What do you do when you realize that consumers are evolving much faster than the advertising agency you work at?

This was the question that prompted our senior staff to leave their jobs at leading Canadian agencies and set up Camp Jefferson. From day one, Camp Jefferson was purpose built to look at the world in new ways, and create things that recognized that consumers are now calling the shots. Advertising still has its place…it just has to happen on their terms now.

The things that make us different are embodied in our fiercely held beliefs: [1] WE ARE NOT FOR EVERYONE We’re here for clients who recognize a need to do things differently. Who want to outsmart, not outspend.

[2] WE BELIEVE THAT THERE ARE BETTER WAYS FOR BRANDS TO CONNECT WITH PEOPLE Instead of interrupting and demanding attention, we need to be worthy of it.

[3] WE’RE HERE TO CHALLENGE THE IDEA OF WHAT AN IDEA IS. The best advertising today often doesn’t look anything like advertising.

[4] WE BELIEVE IN BEING UNCOMPROMISINGLY EMPATHETIC We’re not dealing with a target market, we’re dealing with people. 

[5] WE BELIEVE IN CREATING STUFF PEOPLE WANT Things that entertain, inform, or are just downright useful. Things that people will be motivated to seek out.

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